Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sorry I wasn't there this week!!!

As I announced last week Down the Middle was pre-empted this week. We will be back next Saturday with a bunch of guests and new topics...Meanwhile some insider stuff; Keep an eye on investigations involving our new Governor....It's going to get messy and there could eventually be a call for impeachment or a recall...Hopefully it will not reach that level...Apparently there's more to the tryst nonsense than any of us know...Why weren't we watching??? Because we trusted these guys and power is the worlds most powerful aphrodisiac!! Talk to you next week...


Lori Ann said...

You were definitely missed this week! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that we are all looking forward to your return next weekend! :)

What the H*ll.... where where you ??? said...

What the H*LL???? where was Rick on Saturday Morning between 8-9am, my computer was down for a few weeks and I couldnt wait to get back on line to hear Rick and talks of Long Island and stuff that is happening, I love his show Down the Middle, dont replace it with some other show.. Please get the show up and running so I can hear it on line again.... Big Fan!!!!

What the H*ll.... where where you ??? said...

So happy to hear Rick on this week, Thanks for getting him back on for all to hear!!!
LOL, funny what you said about G wife calling during a speech, that was great!!
Just so you know I read that paper and those of you who do not, you really should.
I agree, the Democrat's need to get their act together and work together instead of fighting against each other, join forces or something, its a shame how far this has gone!!!

Cant wait to hear your talk next week!!

Hey Rick!! Thanks for the great start to a wonderful Saturday morning.... hope you have a wonderful weekend!!