Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elliot oh Elliot!

Well sometimes they police each other....But.....How long and how far back does this go??How stupid is our Governor?? He's one of the highest profile officials in America...Did he really think he'd never get caught?? C'mon....What woman is worth that for a night?? Paid for the train and food and cab and tavel and hotel room...Hey for that money...Elliot I'd sleep with you....Well maybe not...However, it's happening because they all think no-ones watching....Almost like they are indestructable...Beyond reproach....I'm glad the FBI caught him and it's virtually over now...But...Was it taxpayer money, on taxpayer time? Was it a vendetta against Democrats by Republicans?? The problem I have with this is although his family has been victimized, we the taxpayer have suffered another disservice. No ones watching these guys from bottom to top and until we do?? Things like this are going to happen all the time...

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