Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sorry I wasn't there this week!!!

As I announced last week Down the Middle was pre-empted this week. We will be back next Saturday with a bunch of guests and new topics...Meanwhile some insider stuff; Keep an eye on investigations involving our new Governor....It's going to get messy and there could eventually be a call for impeachment or a recall...Hopefully it will not reach that level...Apparently there's more to the tryst nonsense than any of us know...Why weren't we watching??? Because we trusted these guys and power is the worlds most powerful aphrodisiac!! Talk to you next week...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elliot oh Elliot!

Well sometimes they police each other....But.....How long and how far back does this go??How stupid is our Governor?? He's one of the highest profile officials in America...Did he really think he'd never get caught?? C'mon....What woman is worth that for a night?? Paid for the train and food and cab and tavel and hotel room...Hey for that money...Elliot I'd sleep with you....Well maybe not...However, it's happening because they all think no-ones watching....Almost like they are indestructable...Beyond reproach....I'm glad the FBI caught him and it's virtually over now...But...Was it taxpayer money, on taxpayer time? Was it a vendetta against Democrats by Republicans?? The problem I have with this is although his family has been victimized, we the taxpayer have suffered another disservice. No ones watching these guys from bottom to top and until we do?? Things like this are going to happen all the time...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Isn't Anybody Watching??

Today's Newsday Garden City Police Chief Double Dipping...Making more than 200-thousand dollars...Retires with pension and is rehired the next day continues to collect the pension and earns another salary...Lawyers in School Districts being paid full time salaries by School Districts and also qualifying for high end pensions...Civil Service Directors doing the same thing..There's alot more...Know what all these things have in common??? Take a minute!! Think about it...It's your money...Taxpayers money...Now does it upset you?? It sure should...No one and I mean no one is watching...We have Village Governments-Town Governements-County Governments- State Governments and Federal Governments...School Boards-Library Boards-Special Districts..Sounds like alot?? It sure is and it costs alot...Know who pays....Take a minute...Oh and don't forget Fire Districts....C'mon....Guess...You pay for all of it and you know what??? It just costs way too much ...We have to, once and for all say no more...We have to implement Budget Cuts...One's that effect the fat cat, double dipping, taxpayer money wasting blow hards who have, over the years convinced us that we need all this...If you cut the number of bloated unnecessary salaries and consolidated and merged certain areas of repetitive Governments we could finance all we need...All the time...It's time to send a message....NO MORE WASTING MY MONEY!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let's Pay Attention Shall We?

There's history in the making! However it's unfortunate that the media is taking such painstaking pleasure in pitting the two participants against each other!! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to duke it out for the Democratic Nomination, but please could the likes of Olbermann,Matthews,Hannity,O'Reilly, etc let them run on their merits and records. Stop the petty crumb throwing looking to stoke the coals. Believe me it will get dirty by nature your help is not required, nor is it really helpful...Just shut up and stop injecting yourself into trying to derail history...Let's watch and see how this unfolds and who wins...You guys and gals will all have access to a camera and somebody will listen to your jibberish without any access to responding or sharing a different point of view...It's just wrong...Ask yourself this, Did you ever think that you'd see a Woman and an African American vying for the most powerful position in the free world?? Bet you didn't!! Now sit back and may the best candidate win...